Something Way More Awesome: Trans Poets Perform
Wednesday, June 25, 7:30pm
Bureau of General Services-- Queer Division, 83A Hester St, New York
Featuring Phoenix Nastasha Russell, EC Crandall (and friends), Charles Theonia, Paco Buenasnoches, Andy Eye, Cat Fitzpatrick, Charli Cleland, Mya Byrne, Kay Ulanday Barrett, J Mase III, Buzz Slutzky, Olympia Perez
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My third performance at the Bureau! (Here's a clip from the last one.) This time with a cohort of other trans poets I've been meeting with monthly at the LGBT Center. We're also releasing a zine that night. Don't miss it!


Please Call it a Comeback
by Becky Eklund, comedic deadpan superhero
Thursday, June 26th, 7:30pm
Also at Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie St, New York
free admission
ft. Shane Shane, Santiago Venegas, Buzz Slutzky, Chris Tyler, and maybe more!
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Becky tends to be a standup comic / solo performer but I have no idea what's in store for this show besides the fact that I am going to be a backup dancer. I promise no matter what she does, it'll be intensely honest, which will, as a result, make you laugh.


Together Men Make Paradigms
a play by Maxe Crandall, codirected with Stephen Boyer
Thursday July 10 (MY BIRTHDAY), 7:30pm
Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie St, New York
ft. Ella Boureau, Stephen Boyer, Diana Cage, Red Durkin, Sam Feder, Brenda Iijima, William Johnson, Theodore Kerr, Elizabeth Koke, Rachel Levitsky, Trisha Low, Buzz Slutzky, Aldreen Valdez, Adrien A. Weibgen, Lara Weibgen, and many more TBA
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Synopsis: Andy Warhol and Aristophanes shoved through the love grindr of feminist revenge.

a) I'm performing with an amazing cast, (b) designing sets, and (c) it's my birthday that night (so, birthnight?)! Come help celebrate! This will be my second project with Maxe, but the last one isn't finished, so this is the first one you get to see! I'm a big fan of his. Maybe you will be too.