Luv 2 Care, ink on vellum, 2018

in group exhibition Overflow at Special Special, New York, curated by John Belknap.

Luv 2 Care is a spin-off project from Looking Forward to Being Attacked— continuing to mash-up two different instructional manuals, Luv 2 Care juxtaposes drawings of images from a 1955 puppy care manual with text from a 1981 lesbian S/M manual. The effect produced is one in which queer relationships regarded as "perverted" are imbued with the sweetness and innocence of domestic pets. The instructional tone of the text playfully implicates the viewer in participating in kink activities under the guise of ordinary pet care.


Puppies as Pets: A Guide to the Selection and Care of Puppies. Madeline Miller, 1955. Illustrated by Three Lions, Inc.

“Being Weird is Not Enough: How to Stay Healthy and Play Safe,” by Patrick Califia and Cynthia Asunto. From Coming To Power: Writings and Graphics on Lesbian S/M, SAMOIS, eds., 1981.